Centre d'études Visigothique

Centre d'études Visigothique


The Centre for Visigothic Studies in France

 News from June 2017  The Centre for Visigothic Studies is now disbanded, due to a declining membership once the book by Val Wineyard, The Visigothic Inheritance, was sold out.

  A new site has been launched by author Val Wineyard, you can see it on  www.barbariangold.com  Take a look!


 Welcome to our study centre which is focussed on researching the history of the Visigoths, especially their presence in southern France in the regions of Aquitaine and Languedoc-Roussillon.  The latter was named "Septimanie" in Visigothic times - a name still used occasionally today.

   Because of their academic linguistic definition as "Germanic", the Visigoths have been confused with the barbarian tribes that overran and ruined the wonderful Roman Empire.  But they weren't barbarians and Roman Empire wasn't all that wonderful either!

   The Visigoths have been continually misunderstood and badly judged.  We have uncovered much hidden history about these formidable and amazing people and would like to "put the record straight."





This eagle cloak-pin was sold for millions of Francs at Sotheby's in Geneva.


We have adopted it as our logo.





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